Doone Cottage is a charming homestay cottage overlooking Motueka river valley and the Mt Arthur range. This 130-year-old cottage has been welcoming homestay guests for over 25 years now. It sits on four acres of secluded land endowed with native trees, flower gardens, and ferns. It offers bread and breakfast, very comfortable beds, and home-cooked meals like free range eggs, homemade bread, preserves among others. The hosts are friendly, helpful, and experienced.

Doone offers comfortable cottage style, furnished guest rooms and private garden chalet for extensive garden and valley views. A chucking tranquil stream flows through the property to Motueka River. It is famous for its brown trout, with 5 more trout streams close by.

For guides and licenses: the Central location offers short distances to great day trips and activities in Kahaurangi, Abel Tasman, Nelson Lakes National Parks, Nelson and Golden Bay, mountain and coastal bushes, golf, wilderness fishing and so much more. Other high energy and interesting activities include cruising, kayaking, watertaxis, horsetrekking among others.

Doone Cottage offers a peaceful stay for people of all ages, young and old. The services, food, and hospitality are of the highest standards. And the views and environment are to die for.

Here are some raving reviews from people who stayed there and went away relaxed, happy and wanted to visit again, in fact, some did visit again.

Visited as a couple

“My husband and I fell in love with Doone Cottage on our first visit to New Zealand. It was restful, beautiful, and peaceful. The food and hospitality were superb and it has become our home when in New Zealand. We have stayed there all four times of traveling to New Zealand. I mostly enjoyed hiking, fishing, going wine tasting, seeing the excellent pottery and other crafts in the area, visiting Abel Tasmin, and the beach walks.

Visited individually

“Glen is the best Hostess in New Zealand. I stayed at Doone Cottage on my last stop in the southern Island. Glen the hostess was really very warm and welcoming. Her breakfast and meals at the dining table a memory I will hold forever. She is an amazing cook and her food is just as amazing. I also liked that it was all very peaceful and quiet. And the mountain views were something I looked forward to every morning for the 3 days I was there. I would definitely go back. Everything at Doone Cottage was really enjoyable.


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